Tesla is preparing to add a number of new features to its Model 3 vehicle. According to reports from both Drive Tesla Canada and Electrek, the US firm's vehicles will now have wireless phone charging and USB type-C ports.


In addition to the information revealed by Drive Car Tesla, a user shared on the Tesla Motors Club forum page that the two features mentioned were made standard on Tesla Model 3 vehicles produced on and after June 4. Mashable site officials, who tried to contact Tesla to verify the allegations, were unable to obtain any verification information from the firm. 

Tesla, based in the United States, had used wireless charging and USB type-C features in its Model Y vehicle, which was first introduced in March 2020. Later, the company started to add a new charging option to its Model 3, which is only available in China. Users who already own the Model 3 vehicle can have a wireless charging apparatus from Tesla's online store for $ 125. This is a strategy that the company has made to finish the stock of the Model 3s and to start the production of the Model 3s.

Wireless charging apparatus was introduced last year:

Tesla introduced its wireless charging apparatus last year when the Model 3 reached a more widespread audience of users worldwide. This allows owners of Android devices that support wireless charging and Model 3 owners who use iPhone 8 and later models to use wireless charging in their vehicles. The company has not yet announced whether wireless charging and new USB Type-C ports will be standard for its newly produced electric vehicles, but many Tesla fans are already excited by the new features.

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