Elon Musk, founder of Tesla and SpaceX, confirmed a Twitter user's theory of cabin cameras found in Model 3s.


 With this explanation, we learned that the camera showing the vehicle's interior cabin was added for the autonomous taxi project.

Tesla Model vehicles come with a camera hardware that shows the vehicle's interior cabin from the very beginning. Elon Musk, who has not explained why cars come from such a camera angle until now, clarified the curious issue. Responding to a user's question on Twitter, Musk confirmed that the in-car camera placed on Tesla model vehicles was to carry out autonomous taxi plans.

"This camera is probably for robot taxis, if the person in the taxi destroys the car, he will have to pay for the damage and will probably be the culprit,” confirmed the Twitter user who shared a message. With this explanation, an important task of the in-car camera, which had long been thought to have no complete function, was confirmed.

Tesla, known for its semi-autonomous vehicles, wants to roll out self-driving autonomous taxis in the future. Since there are no drivers in autonomous taxis, passengers who are left alone are likely to damage the inner cab of the vehicles. Tesla has overcome this problem with a wide-angle camera built into the vehicle.

There are other plans for the camera

Tesla is working on some patents to use this camera for other purposes, according to Electrek. Among the company's new plans for the cabin camera, the people who get in the car to recognize, previously used the car seat position, air conditioning settings, such as personal settings to make the vehicle automatically.

The work for autonomous vehicles, which we expect to see more in the near future, is continuing at great speed. Tesla, one of the leading companies in this field, has been trying to lay the groundwork for a world equipped with autonomous vehicles for some time.