Bosnian man turns Ford F-150 into Tesla Cybertruck that will be its biggest rival

Bosnian man turns Ford F-150 into Tesla Cybertruck that will be its biggest rival


A Ford and Tesla fan living in Bosnia turned Ford's F-150 pick-up model into the Tesla Cybertruck, which would become its biggest rival. Ironically, the car is not allowed to go into traffic in Bosnia.

U.S. automotive giant Ford's popular pick-up model, the F-150 Raptor, will face fierce competition when another U.S. company, Tesla, launches a futuristic-designed electric pick-up called Cybertruck, which has not yet been released.

A Bosnian Cybertruck-F-150 fan, instead of watching the competition of the two cars in the market, went to combine the two cars and built a Ford F-150 Raptor and a Tesla Cybertruck with the help of a local company called Stark Solutions.

Design combining Tesla Cybertruck with Ford F-150 Raptor

As you can imagine, this forbidden lover boy is not an exact copy of Cybertruck. Even if we say that the car is powered by gasoline, it will be enough to explain that there is a gap between it and the real Cybertruck. However, if you say,” the fuel type doesn't matter to me, I like the design of Cybertruck, " we can say that it is a successful business.

They built with the tool, as Mario Coric in comments to Reuters from Stark solutions, during the construction phase tank people think they do, most people are unaware of the existence of cybertruck that was, however, a girl came up and ‘bred here cybertruck Tesla?'he said he asked.

According to Coric, the owner of the car was a fan of both Tesla and Ford, so he wanted to put the two cars together. We hope that the result he ultimately achieved meets his demand. However, laws in Bosnia do not allow such a sharp-edged vehicle to enter traffic. So the person who built the car now has an F-150 Cybertruck, but he won't be able to take it to traffic.